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FOCUS 2 CAREER guides students through a reliable, intuitive career & education decision making model to help them choose majors offered at WCCC, explore occupations & make informed career decisions. Their cutting edge design engages students in the career planning process helping them to plan for and achieve career success throughout their lifetime.



How to Setup Your Account and Login to FOCUS 2 Career


    • When you are creating an account, you will need to use WCCC’s access code: goldeneagles


  • When filling out the registration page, your username is your student ID number.


How FOCUS 2 Career Works

In FOCUS 2, there are six areas that use very specific tools to help students better understand their own interests and academic strengths, while also helping to see if a student is career ready and then what their next steps are in planning their career.  These areas are:

1. Career Planning Foundations

  • FOCUS 2 CAREER assesses students’ involvement in the career planning process and introduces activities that support career and education decision-making.

2. Am I Career Ready

  • Our NACE Career Readiness Competencies Module includes Self-assessment of a student’s proficiency of the eight NACE Competencies. Feedback on how to develop each competency. Opportunity to describe how they are developing each one of the competencies.

3. Self Assessments

  • Reliable and valid research based assessments. Students’ assessment results are matched to occupations and supporting majors at your college. Interests matched directly to your college’s majors.

4. Career Exploration

  • Exploratory tools include “What Can I Do With A Major In…. Offered At Your College?, Search by Job Family, Industry and more.”

5. Take Action Plan

  • Students create a road map of their academic and career development activities.

6. Career Portfolio

  • Summarizes students’ assessment results with their preferred majors and occupations, and personal comments/rankings, goals and achievements.




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