Warren County Community College
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“We serve to cultivate sustainable charitable resources, secure philanthropic grants, support capital needs, and provide educational opportunities in order to contribute to the health and vitality of our diverse community of learners.

Since 1983 the WCCC Foundation has set its goals to support the Warren County college community through fundraising, grants, and community support. Because of the efforts of a unique group of community and business leaders who serve as Foundation Directors, thousands of students have been able to complete their studies and go on to successful careers or four-year colleges.

The Foundation relies on several major events a year for its funding efforts. Public participation is key to its success. Some of those major events are the Hall of Fame Recognition Dinner and Hot Air Balloon Festivals.

The WCCC Foundation Office can be reached at 908-835-2334 or [email protected].

2023 Warren County  Hall of Fame Registration: COMING SOON

WCCC Foundation Directors, 2024-2025

Donnell Joyce, Chair Jennifer Harrison, Vice Chair
Marybeth Hall, Treasurer Rhonda Boothe-Thomas, Secretary
Dennis Florentine Steven Pomerantz
Jennifer Vorhies Holly Mackey
Evan Austin Craig Neier
Melvin Warren Crystal Piela
Dan Inscho John Johnson lll
Allison Nething Betti Singh, Trustee
Maria Maier, Trustee

Samir Elbassiouny,
Executive Director

Sarah Lutz,
Recording Secretary


Warren County Community College
475 Route 57 West
Washington NJ 07882
(908) 835-WCCC (9222)