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Dual Enrollment Program (D2D)



Dual to Degree


The WCCC Dual Enrollment Program (D2D) is designed to award college credits to high school students earning a C grade or above in those high school classes identified as “dual enrollment”


 The program is free to Warren County high school students!

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 Is D2D for You?

The dual enrollment partnership between Warren County’s five public high schools and Warren County Community College is a great way for high school students to get a head start on their college education.

  • Dual enrollment students earn high school and college credit simultaneously during regular school hours at their high school
  • Students who complete course work taken through the dual enrollment program earn credits through Warren County Community College
  • Dual enrollment credits are transferable to colleges and universities per their guidelines
  • Check out how dual enrollment credits transfer to NJ Colleges at  njtransfer.org



Save College Time and Costs


Students using transferred credits from the WCCC’s D2D have the potential to graduate college early. Free WCCC transcripts are sent to prospective colleges who then determine how the credits will be applied.  Early graduation saves tuition, fees, books, and living expenses.

By taking advantage of WCCC’s D2D, students not only earn college credits while in high school, but they can save THOUSANDS of dollars in tuition expenses!  This means LESS STUDENT LOAN DEBT!


Here is a look at the average tuition and fees for a year of college in 2022*:

  • In-district two-year public college: $3,860
  • In-state  four-year public college: $10,940
  • Out-of-state four-year public college: $28,240
  • Four-year private nonprofit university: $39,400

*Source: College Board (click on the link for more information)




  • WCCC’s dual enrollment credits provide a quick start to the most affordable college in the region
  • Courses are specifically designed to align with college-level syllabi and instructors meet community college teaching requirements
  • Students enrolled in dual enrollment courses are better prepared to be successful in college
  • WCCC maintains a mission of building a community of learners through accessible, quality learning opportunities designed to meet educational goals and aspirations
  • WCCC is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (2018)
  • WCCC credits are transferable to any New Jersey college or university

Who’s Eligible?




For High School Dual Enrollment Students

MyWarren is the service Warren County Community College uses that allows students to access their unofficial transcripts*, online classes, and other registration-related items.

To access MyWarren, go to the WCCC homepage at www.warren.edu.  In the top right center of the page, you will see MyWarren in gold lettering.  This is a link to the MyWarren service. Click on that link.

Students do not start out with passwords so you will need to create one. Here are the instructions to do that:

  1. Make sure that WCCC has a PERSONAL email address on file for you.
  2. In the username box, put in your WCCC ID number (everyone taking classes at WCCC has an ID number).
  3. Click where it says “I forgot my password” under the password box.

This will send an email to your personal email account.  It may take at least 10 minutes before you will get the system email with instructions on how to reset your password.

Most high school students do not have a personal email address on file with WCCC. We do not accept high school email addresses because even after high school, students need to have access to the email address on file to be able to get back into MyWarren.

If you aren’t sure if you have a personal email address on file with WCCC, please email Dr. Lisa Stoll at [email protected].  In the email include:

  • Your full name
  • Your WCCC ID#
  • Your personal email address
  • Your current mailing address


*To get an official transcript please contact WCCC’s registrar’s office at 908-835-2300 or email the office: [email protected].

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