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Financial Aid

WCCLogoSmallWarren Community College participates in federal and state financial aid programs that help remove the economic barriers that may prevent a student from attending college. There are four basic types of financial assistance:

  • Grants (including scholarships) – funds that do not have to be repaid
  • Loans – funds that have to be repaid with interest
  • Work-study – employment on campus to earn money to help pay for educational expenses
  • Community College Opportunity Grant – (Also referred to as “NJ’s Free College Tuition Program”) provides grants to cover the cost of tuition and fees for New Jersey students enrolled in at least 6 credits per semester and have an adjusted gross income of $0 -$100,000 will be considered for this state grant.  Click CCOG Information to learn about this program.

The Financial Aid Office is located in Student Services (Room 117) on the first floor of the College’s main building. The Financial Aid office is open during the summer from 10-7 Monday through Thursday and closed on Friday.

Please reach out to us if you need any assistance with completing the FAFSA and/or if you have any questions about your financial aid or the process.

If your family situation has changed, please reach out to us directly as this might change your financial aid awards giving you greater aid eligibility.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions or require additional information.

Please click on Financial Aid Overview for additional information regarding the College’s financial aid programs and requirements.


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