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Curriculum Requirements

EOS_2509_2Students graduating from Warren County Community College with an Associate degree must meet a common set of curriculum requirements. These requirements are designed to give students a personal framework of knowledge and insight that will be the foundation for an education at WCCC and for learning throughout life, including transfer to a four-year college or university.

Studies include a broad distribution of courses drawn from such fields as language and literature, humanities, social sciences, healthcare, mathematics, and the sciences. These studies are designed to emphasize the knowledge acquisition, comprehension and evaluation of ideas, the ability to think constructively and creatively, and the capacity to communicate effectively.

Areas of study include the following major categories:

  • Communications – courses designed to enhance proficiency in the English language
  • Mathematics and Sciences – courses designed to enhance mathematical and scientific conceptual understanding and application, including knowledge of computers
  • Social Sciences – courses designed to promote social awareness, including understanding of social, economic, and political problems, and the responsibilities of citizenship in the independent world
  • Humanities – courses in literary, philosophical, foreign language, aesthetic, historical, and other humanistic studies that further the understanding and transmission of one’s own and other cultures



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