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Tuition and Fees

Student Charges Commencing for Fall 2021

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Per Credit Tuition and Fees

In County Resident                                                  173.00
Out-of-County                                                         183.00
Residents on a VISA*                                               203.00
Out-of-State                                                            203.00
International Students                                            253.00

Course Fees**

Main Campus Lab Courses                            30.00 to 40.00
UAS (Drone) Courses                                  50.00 to 150.00
Semester Nurse Education                                   1,800.00
Semester Medical Assisting                                     100.00

Other Fees

Application fee***                                                     25.00
Credit by Exam                                                         40.00
Returned Check Fee                                                 25.00
Payment Plan Fee                                                     25.00
Proctor Testing Fee                                                  20.00
Accuplacer (non-WCCC Applicant)                            11.00
Reinstatement Fee (per term)***                              50.00

Cengage Learning Fee:                                     $140/year

WCCC uses Cengage learning materials in nearly all of its courses.  [Exceptions are clinical Nursing classes (where alternate materials are used and paid through the Nursing Fee), UAS courses (also covered through fees), and CSC 102 (where instructors have designed materials for students).]

Students are assessed the $140 Cengage subscription to permit access to all learning materials for a one-year period.   If a student already has Cengage materials from another educational experience and wishes to opt out, they can contact the Business Office at 908 835-2328.

Note also that WCCC has made Cengage scholarships available for students to cover these expenses, and these expenses also are eligible for federal CARES grant funds in 2021-2022.


Contractual Rates

Courses may be offered by contract to public service agencies such as police departments, fire departments, public school districts, municipal and county governments, and other public service organizations based on mutually agreed rates. Courses may be offered at flat fees for business and industry through the Division of Continuing Education. Also, per contract, the College may waive certain fees for students participating under Senior Option agreements. Residents of Hunterdon County are assessed in-county tuition.

         US Veterans

Veterans, their spouses, and dependents will be assessed at in-county rates.


Students eligible for chargeback from a home county shall be assessed in-county tuition.  WCCC shall bill the home county for the chargeback revenue in accordance with the state-mandated chargeback formula.

*Person living in Warren County on a non-College issued Visa (example: Au Pair, Exchange Student).  Note that during the COVID crisis, WCCC is not issuing new J-1 Visas.

**Course fees not charged for fully online courses.  Students should check the catalog for UAS fees and any software requirements.

       ***Non-refundable fee.

****charge applies to students whose courses are canceled due to non-payment and want to be reinstated after the semester begins.

Remember to file early for Financial Aid! You may be eligible for grants to cover these costs. Federal CARES funding also is available to support tuition and fees (see CARES link for more details).

A payment plan is available to meet college financing needs. Please contact the Business Office at (908) 835-2328. WCCC accepts Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Discover.

Financial Disclosure for Students


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