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VFA Accreditation and Measures

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Warren County Community College participates in the American Association of Community Colleges’ Voluntary Framework of Accountability (VFA) and is committed to effective tracking and reporting on student progress and outcomes in order to inform institutional effectiveness. The data are vital to our college’s ability to self-report outcomes based upon nationally accepted measures of student progress and completion. VFA data detail student progress or leakage points along the academic pathway, highlight student completion and transfer practices, and measure colleges’ effectiveness in providing Career & Technical Education and preparedness. The framework helps us to identify obstacles that prevent students from earning meaningful credentials and guide our decisions regarding resources to improve student success.

Student Progress & Outcomes

VFA cohort data is defined to be very widely inclusive and to examine the progress and outcomes of all students who enroll at the community college. The VFA uses a retrospective cohort tracking method for measuring the progress (after 2 years) and outcomes (after 6 years) of a student population that includes all students who enter in the fall who are first-timers at that college (including transfer-in) and attend part time or full time. Additionally, the VFA looks at the progress and outcomes of a sub-cohort of students defined as those students who earned 12 credit hours by the end of the initial 2 years of the 6-year tracking period. The measures address developmental education progress, student milestones and progress, and relevant 6-year outcomes such as credential (degree or certificate) attainment, transfer, and persistence.

Career & Technical Education (CTE)

The CTE measures examine enrollments in CTE classes and the outcomes of these students, such as licensure pass rates, employment, and wages upon exiting the institution having completed hours or a program (credit or noncredit) in workforce education.

Adult Basic Education

Additionally, the VFA has incorporated measures to track the enrollments and outcomes of students who come to the community college for adult basic education (ABE) courses or programs. The metrics in this area look at enrollments and transitions from ABE course work or programs into further education or the workforce.


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