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Student Eligibility Requirements

 General Requirements

To receive financial assistance, a student must meet the following conditions:

  • be a US citizen or an eligible non-citizen
  • have a high school diploma or a GED
  • not be in default on a federal student loan or have been convicted of possessing or distributing illegal drugs
  • register with the Selective Service (as applicable)

Specific Requirements

A student at WCCC must also:

  • complete the FAFSA form annually and submit any additional verification documents as required
  • meet the program requirements for assistance (such as demonstrating financial need for a Pell grant or being a NJ resident for state financial aid)
  • be registered for classes at WCCC and working toward a degree in an eligible program
  • if a continuing student, must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress standards

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Each semester a student must meet qualitative and quantitative standards of academic progress to remain eligible for financial aid. This is referred to as making Satisfactory Academic Progress.  This means that a student must meet a minimum GPA and also be making appropriate credit progression toward a degree.

Refund of Unearned Financial Aid and Repayment Policy

Students who withdraw from school or stop regular attendance will have their financial aid award prorated according to federal and state regulations. If a student officially or unofficially withdraws, the financial aid will be adjusted accordingly and any unearned funds will be returned by WCCC to the government.  Students will be held responsible for any amounts due to the College as a result of the return of these funds.

Students with balances on their accounts due to underpayment or a return of financial aid funds will not be able to register in subsequent semester(s) or to receive transcripts.  The College reserves the right to send any student to a collection agency. who has a balance on his/her account.

Rights and Responsibilities

Students accepting financial aid have certain rights and responsibilities and must comply with any rules, regulations and conditions governing such awards. Failure to read the WCCC Catalog, WCCC Student Handbook, Financial Aid Applications or any other publication pertaining to financial aid does not excuse the student from compliance. Further information regarding rights and responsibilities may be obtained in the Office of Student Services.

Please contact the Financial Aid Office at (908) 835-2396 or [email protected] for additional information.


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