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Transfer Policy


403.4 Transfer Policy

Transfer students are welcome at Warren County Community College (WCCC).  Students seeking to transfer credits from another institution into WCCC must meet the following criteria:

1)      The institution where the credits were earned must be regionally accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHEA);

2)      The student must have successfully completed the course, earning a grade of C or better (unless a higher grade is required for a selective admission program as published in the College catalog);

3)       The course to be transferred must be applicable to a WCCC degree or certificate program (for example, a course in landscape management cannot transfer into WCCC if the college does not offer a landscape management program); and

4)      The student may not transfer more than 45 credits toward an Associate’s degree program (or 21 credits toward a Certificate program)

In order to have credits considered for transfer, a student must submit an official transcript from a previously attended institution to the Office of Student Services.¬† An ‚Äúofficial transcript‚ÄĚ means a sealed transcript or a transcript sent through secured electronic means directly from the sending institution. (Nothing hereinabove precludes a student from registering for classes using an ‚Äúunofficial transcript‚ÄĚ as a guide for course advising.¬† However, credits shall not be officially transferred into Warren County Community College until a review of the official transcript review is completed.)

Students should be notified within 30 days of the receipt of the official transcript of the transfer credits accepted by WCCC.  Transfer credits carry no grade but shall be reflected as TR (transfer grade) on a WCCC transcript.  The grade earned at the previous college or university shall not be calculated into the student’s grade point average.

Warren County Community College participates in New Jersey Transfer and will honor all course equivalencies listed on their site (  These credits shall be transferred once an official transcript is received and reviewed.

Students may appeal the evaluation of transfer credits and/or appeal that previous coursework count toward a current degree program.  All requests for course substitutions shall be made at least 30 days prior to the start of the semester for which the substitution is desired (or prior to the deadline for a graduation application) in order for the student to receive timely notification regarding the transfer appeal

Nothing hereinabove shall preclude the College from entering into a separate arrangement with an individual institution or organization (example:¬† US military branch) to transfer courses into a specific WCCC degree program beyond the scope of this policy.¬† Any separate ‚Äúarticulation‚ÄĚ agreement or special initiative shall be publicized on the College‚Äôs website.



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