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Web Mail

Campus email:

Instructions for logging in: 

Webmail requires a user ID and a password.  Note that webmail is set up just before the semester begins after the payment due date.


User ID
The user ID is usually your first initial and last name followed by a 1 followed by student.warren.edu.  Example:  John Doe will be [email protected]

There may be occasions when a students first initial and last name are already being used.  In that case, the student will be jdoe2 or jdoe3 (if we had Jane and James Doe also here).  Contact IT if your ID does not work.


Your password for all of these is the first two letters of your first name (first letter uppercase, second letter lowercase) followed by your birth month (2 digits), your birthday (also 2 digits), the last 4 digits of your social security number and an exclamation point.

For Phillip Washington, born on January 1st, with his last 4 digits being 5555, Phillip’s password would be Ph01015555!

Password Reset System

The first time you log in, you need to access the password reset system and set up your security questions.  Your new password must be 8 digits and contain at least one lowercase letter, one capital letter, one number and a special character such as an exclamation point.  Your password cannot contain your username (so Phillip Howard could not use Phil2022!, for example).


CONTINUING STUDENTS (Students who attended in Spring 2022 or Summer 2022)

Use the same credentials you used in the prior semesters.  Use the password reset system if you forgot your password.  Contact IT at [email protected] if you have any problems.



If you put in a support ticket, make sure to indicate 3 things:

1) Your name (make sure it is the name you registered under).

2) Your student ID number

3) Your specific issue.  For example, if you have trouble accessing a specific system, tell us which one (My Warren, webmail, library databases, etc).  This will help expedite any problems.


Any questions, please contact [email protected]


Note: If you need a new email account or help troubleshooting your current email account, please contact the technical support at [email protected].


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