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Student Rights, Responsibilities and Academic Conduct

304.2       WCCC Standards of Academic Conduct

    1. Students are expected to attend every class meeting.
    2. Students are expected to be prepared for every class meeting and to make up any missed assignments.
    3. Students are obligated to extend to one another and to faculty respect and courtesy as members of the College community.
    4. Students have an obligation to conduct their academic activities honestly and conscientiously. They should:
      1. Follow the content and procedures as outlined in the course syllabus.
      2. Receive grades based on fair, unbiased evaluation instruments without regard to race, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, military status, national origin, disability, or marital status.
      3. Submit work on time as determined by the instructor.
      4. Give appropriate recognition by name for their contributions to published material. Each course syllabus will contain the institutional policy on plagiarism.
      5. Respect the confidentiality of information regarding other students that is contained in any college records. Such information shall not be released, except by the College Registrar with the student’s consent, or as otherwise required by law.
      6. Refrain from reference during examinations or other academic evaluative processes to other individuals or materials not authorized by the instructor.
  • In addition, they shall not:
      1. Possess, purchase, sell, or use any materials intended to be part of or the whole of an examination or other evaluation process unless authorized to do so by the instructor.
      2. Act as substitutes for other students in any evaluative process.
      3. Avail themselves of aid in any manner expressly prohibited by the instructor in the research, preparation, creating, writing, or performing of work to be submitted for academic credit or evaluation.
      4. Aid other students in a manner expressly prohibited by the instructor in the research, preparation, creating, writing, or performing of work to be submitted for academic credit or evaluation.
      5. Present as their own academic work ideas or work of another person without proper acknowledgment of sources.

Violation of these rules can lead to a failure for a course and/or expulsion from the College.


304.3       WCCC Standards of Community Conduct

The following standards and regulations are designed to protect the rights, privileges and property of all individuals associated with the College.  Misconduct in any of these categories is subject to disciplinary action.

  1. Any and all laws of the State of New Jersey, County of Warren, and Township of Washington that provide for the protection of persons; for the protection of personal, real or public property, or provide for the regulation of motor vehicles, shall apply and be in effect on College property and such laws shall be properly enforced.
  2. Students who violate the law may incur penalties prescribed by civil authorities, but College authority is never used merely to duplicate the function of general laws.  Only where the interest of the College as an academic community is distinctly and clearly involved will the authority of the College be asserted.
  3. The campus shall regularly be open and available for use by the public daily, including designated hours during the weekend.
    1. No one will be permitted into any classroom, office, library, building or campus grounds before opening time or after closing time without proper authorization.
    2. No unauthorized vehicles will be permitted on the campus after closing.
    3. The schedule and regulation shall be in effect unless special conditions shall exist. Notice of the special conditions and scheduled changes shall be given by the President or his designated agent.
    4. Use, possession, manufacture, distribution or sale of illegal or controlled substances (as defined by federal, state and local statutes) on College property or at college sponsored events is prohibited.
    5. Possession, use or distribution of alcoholic and intoxicating beverages on college property is prohibited.  Use of such beverages outside of the law at college events on and off campus is prohibited.  See the College Substance Abuse Policy for greater specificity.
    6. Gambling on college property as defined in the State Criminal Code shall be prohibited and enforced in accordance with state law.
    7. Use, possession or concealment of any firearms, fireworks, explosives, dangerous chemicals or any other material or weapon considered deadly or dangerous on college property is prohibited.
    8. Endangering or infringing upon the personal safety, personal rights or personal property of any member of the campus community is prohibited.
    9. Threatening, intimidating, coercing or using physical force in a manner which causes another member of the campus community to be injured or fearful of physical harm is prohibited, including assault, battery and sexual offenses.
    10. Any form of intimidation or harassment toward any member of the College community is prohibited.
    11. Slandering or libeling another member of the College community is prohibited.
    12. Displaying indecent or obscene conduct (in violation of federal, state and local statutes) to another member of the College community is prohibited.
    13. Willful defacement, destruction or misuse of public and private properties is prohibited.
    14. Theft, larceny or embezzlement of public and private property, including issuance of bad checks is prohibited.
    15. Interfering with regular college operations including, but not limited to, teaching and classroom activities, administration, meetings and public discussions, disciplinary procedures, college activities, and fire, police or emergency services is prohibited.
    16. Dishonesty such as cheating, plagiarism or otherwise intentionally furnishing false information to the College is prohibited.
    17. Unauthorized use of computers, or computer services and time is prohibited.
    18. Forging, altering or misusing any college document or instrument of identification is prohibited.
    19. Using the College name for soliciting funds or other activities without prior permission is prohibited.
    20. Operating a vehicle in a reckless fashion on college property is prohibited.  All traffic or vehicle regulations shall be strictly enforced by the College.
    21. Violating the College standards of conduct while participating as a student at off-campus sites or engaging in any behavior or practice that is determined by college faculty, staff or auxiliary staff to be injurious or hazardous to other persons is subject to involuntary withdrawal from the program and disciplinary action.
    22. Failure to comply with direction of college officials when those officials are acting in performance of their duties and are requesting the student behave in accordance with college policies and regulations.
    23. Any type of cyber-harassment, including electronic stalking, bullying, an/or sexual exploitation.



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