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Occupational and Trades

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On-Campus Classes

Continuing Education offers occupational and trade training programs, much lead to certifications or prepare students for certification exams.  Please see the Continuing Education Catalog for additional information and requirement details.

Fiber Optics Technician Training 

We offer Fiber Optics Association (FOA) sanctioned Basic Certified Fiber Optics Technician (CFOT), along with the following specialty areas:

  • Certified Fiber Optics Specialist in Testing and Maintenance (CFOS/T)
  • Certified Fiber Optics Specialist Outside Plant (CFOS/O)
  • Certified Fiber Optics Splicing Specialist (CFOS/S) certification courses.

For more information, click here. For the current course schedule, review the Continuing Ed Brochure.

NJ Uniform Construction Code Programs (UCC)

We offer the mandatory educational programs specified by the New Jersey Uniform Construction Code, required of candidates for licensure as Construction Code Enforcement Inspectors and Officials.

  • Building Inspector RCS & ICS
  • Construction Official
  • Electrical Inspector ICS
  • Fire Protection Inspector ICS Part I
  • Fire Protection Inspector ICS Part II
  • Technical Assistant to the Construction Official
  • Sub Code Official

Real Estate Sales Pre-Licensing Course (RET600)

We offer a 75-hour Real Estate Sales Pre-Licensing Course, preparing students to sit for the NJ Real Estate Salesperson’s Exam.

ServSafe® Manager Certification (FNM615)

This course satisfies the NJ Chapter 24 Food Code Requirements. Recertifying and/or 1-year foodservice industry recommended. The certification test is delivered on the last day of class.

Online Classes


On-Campus Classes

Veterinary Assistant 

We offer a 100-hour course covering the “essential skills”. Certification is available through NWCA Veterinary Assistant Certification (VET).

Grooming Assistant 

This 48-hour hybrid course prepares a student to enter the growing industry of pet grooming services.

Pet Sitting 

This 24-hour class will provide the necessary information for a student to enter the “pet sitting industry”. This class providing knowledge for basic care of “man’s best friend”.

Online Classes

Horse Care Management

The Horse Care Management course provides a broad overview of horse care topics such as selection guidelines, stable management practices, hoof and foot care, principles of exercise and conditioning, equine nutrition and herd health management, and horse breeding.

Online courses can be found at www.warren.edu/online/


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