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Incidents and Emergencies

 Warren County Community College encourages all members of the college community to report criminal activity or incidents to Security. If there is a need for emergency assistance from the local Police, Fire or Emergency Medical services, go to the nearest campus phone and dial 8-911 or 911 from a cell phone to report the emergency and then notify Campus Security of the incident at extension 2455.

If a less serious incident needs to be reported you can go directly to the Security Desk located in the main lobby, campus operations located on the first floor west wing (room 115) or the library service desk.
(see separate page for Phillipsburg Site Security)

All classrooms are equipped with phones to be used in the case of an emergency or to report problems within a classroom and can be used to dial 911 (from campus phones dial 8-911).

  •  For non-essential security matters, contact Security (x2455).
  •  For maintenance, HVAC or other matters, contact Campus Operations at (x2330).
  •  For any emergency that requires outside services, dial 911 first (from campus phones dial 8-911).
  •  Should you contact 911, contact Security (x2455) afterwards so that a guard can be available to direct any emergency vehicles.

Depending on the circumstance and if practicable, the College will use the telephone system to broadcast a mass alert regarding an emergency situation on campus.

How to Report and Incident



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