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General Emergency Preparedness/Safety Information


  1. In case of an emergency or a life-threatening situation, a decision to evacuate the building will be made by the College. Once the order is given to evacuate, staff and visitors will exit the building according to the posted instructions in the area. In the event of the activation of the fire alarm, the building would be evacuated IMMEDIATELY. Activation of the fire alarm also results in the notification of 911.The Dean of Campus Operations and the Coordinator of Public Safety will be responsible for coordinating the safe evacuation of the building. Fire captains also have been appointed to assist in this process.
    1. Evacuation RouteWhen the building is evacuated, individuals should assemble as follows:
      • Those who exit from the front of the building or a modular classroom should proceed to the northern corner of the main parking lot.
      • Those who exit from the rear of the building should proceed to the area by the red storage sheds.
    2. Instructions for StudentsFollow any instructions provided to you by College administrators or faculty. Unless otherwise instructed, do not leave campus in the case of an evacuation until a census is taken to make sure that everyone was able to evacuate in a safe manner.
    3. Instructions for Professors/Instructors:Instructors are required to review emergency procedures and evacuation routes with their students. The evacuation route and alternative emergency exits should be reviewed.The Instructor should ensure that all windows and doors (left unlocked) have been closed upon exiting the classroom.Once outside, the instructor will ensure all of his/her students are present. Report any issues to Dean of Campus Operations or the Director of Public Safety.
    4. Instructions for Administrators/ StaffAdministrators are required to review emergency procedures and evacuation routes with their staff.In the event of an evacuation the employees designated as Fire Captains will assist employees and ensure all windows and doors (left unlocked) have been closed upon exiting the office space. Senior administrators will ensure all of his/her staff members are present.
    5. Special AssistanceAt the beginning of each semester, the College designates staff members to assist students who may require additional assistance for evacuation purposes. Students who believe they need special assistance to evacuate should contact Mr. Dennis Florentine, Dean of Campus Operations, at x 2626.


  2. GENERAL EMERGENCIES ON CAMPUSIn case of an emergency it is extremely important to remain calm and exercise good judgment. If a student or employee becomes aware of a situation that requires additional assistance on campus he/she should contact Security (x 2455). If the situation appears life threatening and requires immediate external attention, they should contact 911 immediately.
  3. CLASSROOM EMERGENCIESAll classrooms are equipped with phones to be used in the case of an emergency or to report problems within a classroom.
      • For non-essential security matters, contact Security (x2455).
      • For maintenance, HVAC or other matters, contact Campus Operations at (x2330).
      • For any emergency that requires outside services, dial 911 first (you do not need an outside line, just dial 9-1-1).
      • Should you contact 911, contact Security (x2455) afterwards so that a guard can be available to direct any emergency vehicles.

    Depending on the circumstance and if practicable, the College will use the telephone system to broadcast a mass alert regarding an emergency situation on campus.

  4. EMERGENCY NOTIFICATION SYSTEMWarren County Community College has contracted with RaveAlert to provide emergency notification to students. This is a self-enrollment system that permits students and employees to receive text and e-mail alerts. The instructions for this system are as follows:
    1. Go to
    2. Enter the requested information and agree to the terms of use.
      Note: If you are prompted to go to your email, please do so and select the link there to continue the registration process.
    3. During registration for mobile phone updates, you will be asked to enter a 4-digit confirmation code that was sent to your phone via text message. Please enter the 4-digit code in the website to complete your phone registration.
  5. WEATHER EMERGENCIESWhen snow, sleet, high wind, or other conditions are considered serious enough to affect personal safety in going from or to classes or College facilities, the College will delay classes, cancel classes or close completely. In these instances, the College will notify students and employees through the Emergency Notification System. In addition, messages will be placed on the main switchboard number (908) 835-9222 and on the College’s website ( Depending on the lead time and the situation, closings may also be announced over certain radio stations.Note:When a delayed opening is announced, classes beginning after the delayed opening time will meet at their regularly scheduled time. No shifting of class times are done when delayed openings are announced.
  6. WCCC SAFETY COMMITTEEWCCC has a standing Safety Committee committed to addressing safety and security concerns for the campus. If you have any suggestions for the Committee, please contact Dennis Florentine at x2626.
    Important Phone Extensions
    Emergencies: 911
    Campus Security: x2455
    Coordinator Public Safety: x2353
    Dean Campus Operations: x2626
    Campus Operations Office: x2330
    Main College Number: (908) 835-9222



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