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Support Services

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WCCC’s EOF Peer Mentor Program

The EOF Peer Mentoring program allows EOF students to mentor other EOF students.  The program aims at helping the mentor learn leadership, communication, and mentoring skills, while the student being mentored gets much needed support as they learn how to navigate college life.

Peer Mentor Criteria

  • Cumulative GPA of 2.25 & Above
  • Positive attitude
  • Interest in the well-being of peers
  • Commitment to academic excellence
  • Team player

WCCC EOF Peer Mentoring Handbook


WCCC’s EOF Peer Coaching

The EOF Peer Coaching program works in connection with the Peer Mentoring program.  Current EOF students in good academic standing work with other EOF students who are deemed at-risk of losing their financial aid because of academic performance.  Students who are at-risk are required to check in at the WCCC Library for one hour a week where EOF Peer Coaches will be available if the students have questions about their school work, or other academically related issues.  The EOF Peer Mentor Coordinator is also present to offer additional support.



Academic Affairs                                                                                (908) 835-2310


You go here if:

  • You have questions and/or concerns about your classes (not scheduling) or professors
  • You need to drop off items for your professors (papers, etc.)
  • You need to see Tiffani
  • You’re having issues with Cengage

People who work in this office:

Dr. Marianne Van Deursen (VP of Academics)                                 [email protected]

Tiffani Warren (Dean of Learning & EOF Director)                            [email protected]

Jeanette Schinstine (H.S. & Comm. Outreach Coordinator)             [email protected]


Business Office                                                                                    (908) 835-2328


You go here if:

  • You have a question about your bill
  • You need to pay your bill
  • You want to set up a payment plan
  • You have questions and/or need to apply for veteran’s benefits

People who work in this office:

Barbara Pratt (VP of Finance & Operations)                                      [email protected]

Michelle Guarriello (Accounting Tech. & Accts. Payable)                 [email protected]

Mindy Marinelli (Student Accounts Manager)                                    [email protected]

Sara McGuire (Financial Analyst/Veterans Coordinator)                   [email protected]


Financial Aid                                                                                          (908) 835-2396


You go here if:

  • You have questions about your financial aid
  • You need to turn in requested documentation to complete your financial aid file
  • You are having problems with your EAGLE account

People who work in this office:

Jacqueline Daly (Director of Financial Aid)                                  [email protected]

Ashleigh Fox (Financial Aid Associate)                                        [email protected]


Information Technology                                                              (908) 835-2320


You go here if:

  • You are having problems with your Network/Email account
  • You have general questions about technology
  • You want to get the free Microsoft 365 package

You can email IT at [email protected]


Instructional Support Center                                                 (908) 835-2354


You go here if:

  • You have questions about tutoring
  • You want to set up a tutoring appointment for the first time
  • You need to take a test outside of class
  • You need help with things like note taking, reading textbooks, time management, etc.

People who work in this office:

Rose Lynch (ISC Coordinator)                                                                 [email protected]


Library                                                                              (908) 835-2336


You go here if:

  • You need help with research, including through the databases
  • You need help with citations and citation formatting in MLA/APA
  • You need help with Cengage
  • You need help with usernames/passwords (except EAGLE)
  • You have questions about plagiarism
  • You have questions about using webpages

People who work in this office:

Dr. Lisa Stoll (Library Coordinator/Librarian)                                      [email protected]


Security                                                                           (908) 835-2455


You go here if:

  • There is an emergency
  • You’ve lost something
  • You have seen or experienced something that has made you feel uncomfortable
  • You have seen or experienced something that you know is inappropriate

People who work in this office:

Melvin Warren (Coordinator of Public Safety)                       [email protected]


Student Services                                                                   (908) 835-2300


You go here if:

  • You need to see an advisor
  • You have questions/concerns about your class schedule
  • You need to schedule classes
  • You need to add, drop, withdrawal, etc. from a class
  • You need to speak to the Disability Services Coordinator
  • You need to apply for graduation or need transcripts
  • You have questions about transferring
  • You need to request accommodations
  • You need to change your name or address with the college
  • You need to change major
  • You need a confirmation of enrollment

People who work in this office:

Jeremy Beeler (VP of Student Services)                                          [email protected]

Sharon Adams (Student Services Assistant)                                    [email protected]

Cherie Hoops (Executive Administrative Assistant)                          [email protected]


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