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Updated July 10, 2023


All student grant funds have now been distributed.


Public Disclosure on Federal COVID Funds

In accordance with the federal law, WCCC must publicly disclose basic information on how WCCC has used the federal emergency funds (HEERF).  Below is information on how the College has used both student funds and institutional funds.

Public Disclosure on HEERF Student Grants (CARES)

Updated information on the student grant can be found in the attached document:


Institutional HEERF Funds

Note Warren County Community College also receives institutional funds to offset COVID expenses.  The quarterly information reports are shown below (Please view these in Chrome for optimal viewing)

Institutional Funds-Spending through 9-30-20

Institutional Funds-Spending 10-1-20 through 12-30-20

Institutional Funds-Spending 1-1-21 through 3-31-21

Institutional Funds-Spending 4-1-21 through 6-20-21

Institutional Funds-Spending 7-1-21 through 9-30-21

Institutional Funds-Spending 10-1-2021-12-31-2021

Institutional Funds-Spending 1-1-2022 through 3-31-2022

Updated Reports in New Federal Format (Student and Institutional)







Student Outcomes Reports

2021 Student Data

2020 Student Data





Masks, CDC Guidelines and College Operations

WCCC has now resumed its normal operations, although we will continue to follow all state and federal guidelines related to COVID.  New variants are emerging, so please check back as guidance may change.

Masking is optional for all students, faculty, staff, and visitors visiting the campus.

If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, have been exposed to COVID or have tested positive, please do not come to campus and follow CDC guidance:

If you tested positive to COVID or have symptoms, regardless of vaccine status, isolate for 5 days. You must be fever-free for 24 hours before you return.

  • If you have been exposed to COVID and are not up to date with vaccines or boosters, please stay home for at least 5 days.
  • If you were exposed to COVID and are up to date with the vaccine or have had COVID within the last 90 days, you do not have to quarantine.

In all cases listed above, wear a surgical mask for 10 days after exposure, symptoms or testing.

N95 and surgical masks are available in the lobby free of charge for those who need or want them. The CDC is currently advising that cloth masks are not as effective at preventing the transmission of the Omicron variants as surgical masks.

We encourage those who wish to remain masked to do so, as we have made the decision to respect all personal choices, and ask that our entire college community do the same.

The College is now accepting requests for outside groups to use the facilities in accordance with the College’s Facilities Use Policy.  Please contact Campus Operations at 908 835-2330 if you have any questions.

Reasonable Accommodations

WCCC will provide reasonable accommodations its students and employees if appropriate medical documentation is received regarding COVID-19 needs.   Students should contact Jeremy Beeler at [email protected] if they have such concerns.  Employees should contact Sharon Hintz at [email protected] about any concerns.

Continuing Education Programs

Noncredit students should check their email AND/OR voicemail for additional information regarding classes.  If you have any questions, please send an email to [email protected].

Information about Services through Spring 2022

  •  On campus and remote Tutoring are available through the ISC. Email the ISC at [email protected] to schedule an appointment.
  •  The Library will be open Monday/Tues/Thurs  from 9am-5pm, Wed 9am-7pm, and Fri 9am-3pm. Additional evening hours TBD. You can also visit the WCCC webpage ( and click on Library to access library services.
  •  Student Services, Academic Affairs, Business Office and Financial Aid are open for student visitors.
  • If you need password resets or have IT issues, please contact [email protected]

Key Contacts

Campus Operations: [email protected] or call (908) 835-2626

Student Services: [email protected] or call (908) 835-2300

Financial Aid:  [email protected] or call (908) 835-2309

Business Office:  [email protected] or call (908) 835-2328

Academic Affairs: [email protected] or call (908) 835-2310



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