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Nursing AS to Nursing BS Program-to-Program Agreement WCCC and Cedar Crest College developed a dual admission agreement whereby a student enrolled in WCCC’s Nurse Education Program will complete courses necessary for the AS in Nursing as well as courses needed to fulfill the requirements for the BS in Nursing at Cedar Crest. For more information meet with an advisor in Student Services or call 908/835-2300 to schedule an appointment.

Cedar Crest Course Equivalency Guide

What are the Cedar Crest College Liberal Arts Education Requirements?

The Liberal Arts Education Requirements are designed to ensure that students receive a well-rounded liberal arts education.

There are eight parts to the Liberal Arts Education Requirements:

  1. Writing– two credit-bearing classes
    1. WRI-100 College Writing (WRI-1)
    2. Writing II course (WRI 2)
  2. Arts (ART) – Two credit-bearing experiences (6 cr) (at least one of which is a classroom experience)
  3. Math and Logic (ML) (6cr)– two credit-bearing, college-level math courses
  4. Ethics (ETH) – one credit-bearing class (3 cr)
  5. Natural Science (SCI) – two credit-bearing classes, one of which must be a lab course (7-8 cr)
  6. Humanities: (HUM) – two 3-credit bearing classes from two separate disciplines
  7. Social Science: (SS) – two 3-credit bearing classes from two separate disciplines
  8. Global Studies: GS (3 cr) one 3-credit bearing class

Please note: With the exception of WRI 2, no course can fulfill multiple categories. Also, a student may not use courses from the same discipline to satisfy credit requirements across the content areas of the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.


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