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UPDATED 11/30/22 EMERGENCY GRANTS FOR STUDENTS CARES applications are still available for the fall 2022 semester to cover Tuition and Fees (including Cengage subscriptions).  To be eligible for a CARES funds, you meet the federal definition of “student.”  This means that we must verify that you are an actual student

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Board of Trustee Officers for 2021-2022

On November , 2021, the Warren County Community College Board of Trustees elected the following officers for the 2020-21 year: Chair:           Yvonne Reitemeyer Vice Chair:   Nancy Brown Secretary:    Betti Singh Treasurer:   Maria Meier

Get RAVE alert for Emergencies

The College issues campus safety alerts in a timely manner to notify community members about crimes and serious incidents in and around the college campus.  Individuals who have knowledge of a crime or a serious incident are encouraged to immediately report the information to Security so that a timely warning

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