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Board Information

About the Board

As a public community college in NJ, WCCC is guided by various NJ statutes, including those that specify the composition of the Board of Trustees (Board).  The Board consists of eight members appointed by the County Freeholders (the governing board of Warren County) and two members appointed by the Governor.  Members serve a four-year term.  In addition, the Board statute calls for additional membership calls for the  County School Superintendent (an ex-officio), a non-voting “Alumni Trustee” elected by the graduating class, and the President (ex-officio non-voting member).

Trustee Appointment Procedures

In accordance with statute, Warren County establishes a trustee search committee to nominate individuals for consideration for appointment by the Board of Chosen Freeholders to the College’s Board of Trustees.  Warren County advertises for any openings on the Board. The Governor’s Office makes appointments for the two gubernatorial seats.

Appointed trustees must be a resident of Warren County and may not be an elected public official or a County Employee.  The  term of office is four years.  In a case of a vacancy, a newly appointed trustee shall serve for the remainder of the unexpired term.

Click here for the key community college statutes, which include the responsibilities of the Board of Trustees.


New Jersey Council of County Colleges
Association of Community College Trustees



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