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WCCC Launches Cengage Unlimited for Spring 2019

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WCCC is excited to announce the launch of Cengage Unlimited for Spring 2019.  WCCC is the only college in the Northeast launching this product.  Our goal is to make learning materials more affordable to students by moving to on-line resources.


The exclusive WCCC-Cengage Unlimited partnership allows students to access unlimited on-line learning materials for a one-year period for the reduced price of $140.   WCCC courses will use these learning materials beginning in Spring 2019.  This means that instead of buying a large number of expensive textbooks for your courses, you will access all your materials on-line.


You will be assessed $140 for a one-year subscription for all of your courses in your Spring 2019 bill.  This is for a one-year period, so if you continue in Summer 2019 or Fall 2019, you will not be assessed additional charges.


Our  faculty have worked very hard this semester to ensure that each course is able to use various Cengage products to enhance learning for Spring 2019 and beyond.  Cengage is the largest publisher in the US, so it has a variety of textbooks and learning materials to choose from.  You will have access to any of the 20,000 learning materials from the Cengage library for a one-year period.


Students who register and have made payment arrangements for Spring 2019 will  be sent an e-mail from Cengage in their student@warren.edu e-mail approximately one week before classes begin to access learning materials.  Each instructor will put a link in your class in My Warren telling you the learning materials that will be used for your class.


Stay tuned for additional information and instructions on this exciting partnership.  WCCC’s goal is to provide quality education to you in the most cost effective means possible.  The Cengage Partnership is a way for students to save significantly on the cost of textbooks!






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