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Veteran’s Benefits

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Veteran’s Guide to Getting Started at WCCC

STEP 1: Apply to WCCC

Complete an online WCCC Application. There is a one-time, non-refundable, $25.00 Application Fee. Once you have applied you will receive additional e-mail information from WCCC; please include your e-mail address on your application.

STEP 2: Apply for Veterans Education Benefits

  • Complete an application for education benefits online through the VA’s electronic application web site at


  • Complete and submit a paper Application for VA Education Benefits (VA Form 22-1990) to the Buffalo Regional Processing Office. It is also available in the Certifying Official’s Office, 115E, across from Student Services.
  • Supply a copy of the Certification of Eligibility when received, or a copy of the application or confirmation page, in the interim, to the WCCC VA Certifying Official for your VA file.

Not sure of which benefit to select? Review the VA Benefits Comparison Chart to determine the best suited benefit. Have questions regarding your eligibility or benefits? Contact the VA Customer Service Office at 1-888-442-4551 or a VA Benefits Counselor at 1-800-827-1000. Additional information is available at

STEP 3: Register for classes

You may meet with an Advisor in person, by telephone at (908) 835-2300 or email as needed to assist in your course selection. Have your placement test scores, or appropriate exemption paperwork handy so that the appropriate courses are selected. Please be aware that only courses that apply to your program of study can be certified for VA Education Benefits.

  • Students enrolled in the VIPER Technical Studies Program must contact the VIPER Coordinator at prior to registering for classes.
  • Click here for current Tuition and Fee Charges information.

STEP 4: Complete and submit the WCCC VA Benefits Certification Request

Once you are registered for classes, complete the WCCC VA Benefits Certification Request to identify your VA educational benefits, as well as to request enrollment certification. You will be required to submit a copy of your schedule to the VA Certifying Official. The VA Certifying Official will certify your enrollment to the VA once all required documentation has been submitted up to 90 days prior to the semester*.

In order to be certified for veterans’ education benefits, students must submit the following documents:

  1.  A copy of your DD 214 form, or “Notice of Basic Eligibility” (NOBE).
  2.  A copy of your “Certificate of Eligibility”.
  3.  The WCCC VA Benefits Certification Request, available in the Certifying Official’s office or by following the link above.
    • This form must be submitted EACH SEMESTER to be certified.
  1. Copy of your schedule of classes to be certified to the VA.
  2. If you have used VA Education Benefits at another school, YOU MUST complete & submit (to Sara McGuire) one of the Change of Place or Program Forms below:

OR Complete an application for education benefits online through the VA’s electronic application web site at  Choose “Updating my current benefits”. Please submit copy of the confirmation page to Sara McGuire.

  1. Enroll in eBenefits, a portal which will enable veterans, service members, and their families to:
    • Apply for benefits
    • Download DD-214s
    • View your benefit status
    • Check Post-9/11 GI Bill entitlement
    • Check enrollment status


STEP 5: Apply for Financial Aid (Optional; mandatory for students using the NJ National Guard Tuition Waiver)

  • Please visit WCCC Financial Aid web page for information regarding financial aid.
  • Financial Aid Staff is available to assist with the application process.
  • Complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at
  • Review the Summary page of your completed FAFSA for your Financial Aid eligibility for the academic year, WCCC’s retention and graduation rates.
  • Financial Aid Award Letters also include WCCC’s student loan indebtedness, cohort default rate, retention and placement rates, as mandated by the Department of Education.
  • Additional Student’s Right to Know information regarding Warren County Community College is located under the Student Right to Know Info tab on our webpage.
  • Contact the Financial Aid Office at (908) 835-2396 or via email to schedule an appointment for assistance or if you have any questions.

Additional Information:

If you have a disability and need accommodations (i.e. extended time for testing) please contact the Disabilities Services Coordinator in Student Services at You must submit appropriate disability documentation 4 weeks prior to the start of the semester in order to access accommodations in a timely manner.

Be mindful of Payment Deadlines! Students who fail to make payment arrangements (if applicable) or fail to supply all necessary paperwork identified in STEP 4, by the payment due date may be dropped from their classes for non-payment!  If applying for Financial Aid, you must ensure that all necessary documentation has been submitted to the Financial Aid Officer prior to the payment due date in order for your aid eligibility to be determined.

For Post 9/11 GI Bill (only):

Tuition and fees will be paid to the school directly by the Veterans Administration based on the percentage of your eligibility. You are responsible for all charges not paid by the VA, (i.e., percentage of tuition/fees not covered).

Basic Housing Allowance (BHA) is paid directly to you the veteran, monthly, in arrears, (i.e., September’s BAH would be payable on October 1). BAH is paid for each day of the enrollment period – if the semester starts after the beginning of the month, then you will not receive a full month BAH – dependent upon percentage of eligibility.

Book stipend - up to $1,000.00 per year and paid per credit at your percentage of eligibility, sent to you the veteran with your first BAH payment.

Important Contact Information:

VA Certifying Official:

Sara McGuire
Finance, Office 115E
Warren County Community College
475 Route 57 West
Washington, NJ 07882
Phone: (908) 835-2327
Fax: (908) 689-9262

VIPER Technical Studies Program Coordinator:

Jeremy Beeler
Warren County Community College
475 Route 57 West
Washington, NJ 07882
Phone: (908) 835-2307
Fax: (908) 689-5824

Department of Veterans Affairs Education
Customer Service Office 

VA Benefits Counselor


Additional Links

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Financial Aid Shopping Sheet: For information regarding the Financial Aid Shopping Sheet, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at (908) 835-2456. This information is available to students on the College’s EAGLE system.





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