How to Access IT Accounts | Warren County Community College

How to Access IT Accounts

All students at Warren have two accounts.

One is for My Warren, which is how you access e-Learning, schedule, grades, supporting student services information, and the Nelnet payment plan system.  This account is set up at your time of registration.

The other account is your IT account.  This is used to access computers at the college, library databases and Microsoft 365.  Please click here about information to access your IT account.  This account is normally set up a week before classes begin.

My Warren Account

My Warren is accessible through the link at the top of the home page.  Click into that page and enter your student ID first (normally a six digit number) and then your password.  Your password is preset to an 8 digit numerical password, which is the same as the My Warren initial password.  This is birth month (XX), birth day (XX) and last four digits of the social security (XXXX).

You can reset that password at any time.  If you forget your new password, you can ask for a password reset.  A new randomized password will be sent to the email address that you set up at the College.  If you have any difficulties, you can contact IT at [email protected]

My Warren accounts are set up upon registration to allow students to access schedule, course information and payment plan options immediately.



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