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Because Cengage information is being sent to the message, all students should access their e-mail accounts as soon as possible.  E-Mail is accessed through the home page using Webmail.

New or Re-admitted Students

New Summer semester students are issued a student e-mail account from WCCC.  These accounts are active for all students within 48 hours of registration as long as the student has made payment arrangements (payment, payment plan, or financial aid).

Student E-Mail Address

The general naming convention for email is first initial, last name  So John Doe would be  In a few cases, where someone else has the same first initial last name, we have to create another name (like jdoe2).  Contact support for your information ( if your email name isn’t working.

When John Doe wants to access his email through Webmail, he uses jdoe as his user name.

Student E-Mail Password

Students are set up with a default 8 digit numerical password, which is the same as the My Warren initial password.  This is birth month (XX), birth day (XX) and last four digits of the social security (XXXX).

So if John Doe was born on July 5 and has an SSN of 123456789, his password would be 07016789.

Logging into Webmail

So if our John Doe above is logging into Webmail (see link at top of for access), he would do the following:

Username:       jdoe
Password:        07016789

When you enter for the first time, you will be asked to reset your password and set up password reminder questions.  MAKE SURE YOUR PASSWORD IS AT LEAST 8 DIGITS AND HAS AT LEAST ONE CAPITAL LETTER AND ONE NUMBER.

If you cannot  access to your e-mail account, please contact

Note that e-mail access is only available for students in good financial standing with the college.



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