COVID-19 INFORMATION-Emergency Grants Available for Summer | Warren County Community College
COVID-19 INFORMATION-Emergency Grants Available for Summer

COVID-19 INFORMATION-Emergency Grants Available for Summer


Emergency Grant Funds NOW AVAILABLE for Summer

WCCC has limited federal emergency grant funds to assist students who have incurred additional costs as a result of the COVID-19 displacement

Click below for the current application.  To be eligible, you must have a FAFSA on file with the College, be enrolled in a Summer 2020 semester and meet certain requirements.  Please review the application when published for additional details and how to submit an application.

The College will also make emergency grant funds available for the fall semester.  Check back to this page for additional information.


In accordance with the federal law, WCCC must disclose basic information on the CARES grant act.¬† WCCC’s disclosure information can be found here.


Key Operational Decisions for Summer

  • ¬†The College will remain closed to the public except for on-line learning, core business requirements, and scheduled board meetings as needed.¬† Items such as requests for public records (OPRA) will be deferred until after the College re-opens.
  • The College has received a waiver for students to attend summer B lab classes, beginning on July 6.¬† Students need to wear a mask and undertake a temperature check before entering the building.¬† Students should also see instructions in their syllabi about protective measures to be taken when attending the college.
  • Students needing to visit the campus to drop off documents can leave materials by the front door.¬† Students (other than those attending Summer B lab classes) must have an appointment to enter the college and must wear a mask.

Continuing Education Programs

Noncredit students should check their email AND/OR voicemail for additional information regarding classes.  If you have any questions, please send an email to

Registration for Summer and Fall

Students may now register for summer or fall classes.  Please see the announcements on the home page.

Continuing students who are in good academic and financial standing may register on-line.  All other students should contact to make an appointment to register with an advisor.

New students should first file an application.  Once an application is filed, an advisor will schedule an on-line advising appointment to assist the student in selecting courses.  If you have any questions, please contact Jeremy Beeler at

Information about Services for Summer Students

  • ¬†Remote tutoring is available from the ISC. In many cases, this will be virtual face-to-face. Email the ISC at to schedule an appointment.
  • ¬† The Library will also continue to function remotely. Please visit the WCCC webpage ( and click on Library to access library services.
  • ¬†If you need student services assistance, you can contact Jeremy Beeler in Student Services ( or leave a message for him at 908-835-2301.
  • ¬†If you are a student who needs assistance or adjustments to your accommodations in light of the on-line learning, please contact Rebecca Mellinger ( or leave a message for her at 908-835-2625.
  • ¬†If you have financial aid questions, please contact Jackie Daly ( )¬† at¬† 908-835-2309.
  • ¬†Students with technology challenges should contact Dr. Marianne Van Deursen via email ( ) or leave a message at 908-835-2430. This is particularly important if you do not have a laptop at home or internet in your home. We will also be making follow-up phone calls as we know that some of you may not even see an email without technology.
  • ¬†If you need to reach the business office, please contact Barbara Pratt via e-mail ( or leave a message at 908-835-2328
  • If you need password resets or have IT issues, please contact

Chargeback Information

WCCC will not be processing chargebacks at this time.  Fall semester chargebacks will not be processed until after August 1.

General NJ Information

The NJ Council of County Colleges is maintaining information about general services available to students during this time, including medical and financial information (unemployment information, etc.).  for up to date state information.

We understand that these are challenging times and new guidance from state and federal governments is emerging daily.  Please know that it is the highest priority of the college to keep students and employees safe during the period.  We will continue to update you as information is made available and post additional information here.



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