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Addiction Counseling

The Addiction Counseling Program is one of the most meaningful and important offerings at Warren.

Addiction Counseling 

For therapists seeking additional credentials, the Certificate in Addiction Counseling program prepares students with the practical skills needed to support the recovery of persons with addictive disorders.

For undergraduate students, an Associate Science Degree in Addictions Counseling is available to obtain the beginning skills in supporting patient recovery.

Completion of these courses will satisfy the certification requirements and prepare professionals for immediate career placement in the field of Addiction Counseling.

Career Courses (non-credit course codes)

PSY 680 Abnormal Psychology*
PSY 650 Introduction to Addictions*
PSY 652 Assessment and Treatment
PSY 653 Interviewing and Counseling Skills
PSY 654 Advanced Counseling Skills
SOC 691 Introduction to Social Work
PSY 655 Addictions Counseling Externship**

This program includes 270 hours of didactic instruction and culminates in a 300-hour externship training rotation in an outpatient counseling facility. The Certification Board approves this program. Students must complete appropriate Career Courses and the Addictions Counseling Externship to be eligible for future certification. The College arranges placement for externship participation.

There are three pathways to a credential:

1. Credit Certificate
2. Associate in Science
3. Noncredit Certificate

For additional information, please contact Tiffani Warren, Dean of Learning, Director of EOF, and Area Chair – Addiction Counseling. Please leave a message at 908-835-2307 or email [email protected]

  * Students must take PSY 650 and PSY 680 prior to, or at the same time as PSY 652 and PSY 653.

** Students need 3,000 hours of clinical time for certification. 300 hours of the externship is already approved through the NJ Certification board to be credited towards the 3,000 required hours for certification. Placement in an outpatient setting is arranged through the College.





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